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If you haven’t already heard of the term ‘micro-celebrity’, today I am going to introduce you to it.

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 6.33.42 pm

The urban dictionary defines a micro-celebrity as:

“one who gains a cult or mainstream following due to viral internet distribution. Does not refer to those who have gained limited or cult following through traditional media. A micro-celebrity is someone who carefully constructs an image and simulacrum of themselves on social media and gains notoriety for it. Without the multiple inclusive platforms, this individual would not have otherwise gained this status.”

A micro-celebrity doesn’t necessarily have to have 1 million followers – they are someone that is known amongst a community of people that they might never have been known by if it weren’t for the media platforms today (web 2.0 movement.

Twitter and micro-celebrities

The emergence of convergence within social media platforms and the ability to increase one’s popularity from one platform to another is significant. A perfect example is Twitter, where self-branding and the manipulation of social phenomena allows for such popularity to be gained.

Twitter gains individual’s fame from posting synthesised information. An example of a micro-celebrity is Tara Hunt, who “spent three years accruing 25,000+ followers. She tweeted 66 times in a 24-hour…assuming six hours of sleep, that’s about 3.67 every hour, or once every 16 minutes’. Thus, this demonstrates the power of an individual with Twitter, gaining attention from the millions of users on the online-medium is a significant tool in creating these micro-celebs.

I hope your understanding of the term ‘Micro-celebrity’ has been heightened from my blog post!!

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