Very attached

Hey readers,

Today I’m going to set a very scary image for y’all…

Imagine a week without no phones – no access to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat (all the favourite ‘socials’), not even being able to call or text anyone.

giphy (6)

Could you cope without your favourite device for one week?

Yes? Or No?

Our generation has been brought up technologically saturated in the globes highly sophisticated media.

We rely on our technology – especially our phones.

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 6.29.49 pm.png

When googling “fear of no phone” the results indicate “Nomophobia” which is an “individuals fear of not having access to a mobile phone. Anxiety is provoked by several reasons such as, the loss of a mobile phone.”

Most people are aware that we all have a digital footprint when we’re connected with any social media site. These footprints are formed from individuals whom are willing to publicise their private lives.

Now to dig a little deeper… when purchasing your mobile phones, do you research about the company before buying? Do you really take into account the company’s philosophies before your purchase? Or are you just in it for the trend?

Well allow me to enlighten you on some of these philosophies of the two universal phone companies; Apple and Android. These two brands get conversations brewing which have resulted in many online debates surrounding the consumerism of them.

Now in my week 10 BCM112 lecture, lecturer Ted, discussed these philosophies between Apple and Android.

He stated the following points about the opposing ideologies;

Apple: control over choices + cross platform apps

Android: connectivity + platforms facilitating flow of content

Android is open and Apple (iOS) is closed. This means that Android operates around a code that is open to be targeted and manipulated. Juxtaposed with Android, Apple is a closed system meaning it limits the purchase of apps to the App Store only.

Confused? Don’t worry I was as well… take a look at this site which really helps illustrate this content.

I think that phone-users are purchasing their phones purely for the trend…hmm, what do you think fellow reader?

Until next time

  • Mikaela xo







One thought on “Very attached

  1. Hey Mikaela! Such a good post, i really enjoyed reading it! so well structured and all the content was there, the hyperlinks made it really easy for the post to flow and for me to gain a better understanding of the topic! I think youre right, Apple has only become so popular because of the trend! Everyone talks about the better qualities on other phones for example the Samsung Galaxy s7 being our first waterproof phone, although noone is willing to betray Apple! It’s almost like theyve taken over! Keep up the good work 🙂 xxx

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