To start off today reader, I would like to ask the question, have you ever decided to download a television series online? Or an mp3 file, for example? Maybe breaching copyright to save a few dollars?

 Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 4.06.20 pm

Hmm… it is very difficult to not be in this day and age as corporations such as Disney and Time Warner (who own and control different types of copyright material) compete with prosumers and participatory online culture.

Collins article, Recovering fair use, M/C Media Culture, states that copyright was designed to protect “intellectual property and promote the process.” However, “copyright enforcement has spun out of control”; it has transformed from being “an engine of free expression” to a “legal regime for intellectual property.”

An example… American multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate, Time Warner copyrighted the song, “Happy Birthday to You”.

Should you sing and record in the future at a birthday party, you are infringing copyright laws!!

How about Fair Use? It allows individuals to utilise copyrighted materials under certain conditions, an example being; the effect of the usage on the worth of the original, such as; parodies. Australian copyright law states “exceptions that are likely to be relevant in the context of humour are the “fair dealing” exceptions for parody or satire.” This is not the same for copyright laws in every country…

 WARNING: The following clip contains explicit language
So what do you think blogger? Will new technological developments continue to challenge and shape copyright laws?

Watch this video I made,

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One thought on “Copy(right?)

  1. Hey mik, love this post!! To answer your first question, yes i think everyone has downloaded at least one thing!!! Its way to easy to do it instead of buying the product. I find it funny how the song Happy Birthday is copyrighted as its an everyday thing thats gets used. Overall, I like the point you have raised and the way you have written this post! Here is a good site to read if you wish to find out more information on copyright, this one particularly focuses on creativity and copyright

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