Good morning reader!

To set the theme for today’s topic, I would like to ask the question, do you think everything is a remix? From my interpretation, from our own laptops, iPhones and iPads, we can create/remix a meme, picture, photograph, song, a tweet or a video.

In his ‘TED talk’, “Embracing the Remix”, writer, director and editor Kirby Ferguson describes ‘remix’ as “new media created from old media.” He then goes on to explain that this “new media” including audio, television, film and art is “made using three techniques: copy, transform and combine.”

To remix, a few recommending applications and or websites are;

  • Twitter
  • Video Edit
  • SoundCloud
  • Audacity
  • Adobe Premiere Pro

Everyone these days gives remixing a go. Remixing is very easily accessible when you have easy access to the media. And if you ask me, remixing is more interesting than an original product – it allows any people/artists to re-modify something that has given them inspiration.

I know I love remix culture, and here are some YouTube videos with great remixes;

& Trap Nation

What do you think readers, will you try your hand at remix? I know I will. Check it out below!!

Until next time…

  • Mikaela xo

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