Citizen Journalism

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Today I will be discussing how the emergence of the “Web 2.0” has reshaped the way in which we interact with and produce content, giving rise to what is referred to as ‘Citizen Journalism.’

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In professor Goode’s article, ‘Social news, citizen journalism and democracy’, he describes ‘Citizen Journalism’ as a process “whereby ‘ordinary’ users engage in journalistic practices.” Such “practices” include capturing footage as well as reporting and verifying informationHurricane Sandy exemplifies this, the hurricane struck the East Coast of America in 2012. Media corporations such as CNN and BBC relied on citizen footage of the natural disaster to include in their reports and as journalist Matthew Yeomans states, “Authorities in New York and New Jersey should use the wealth of information shared through social media during Hurricane Sandy to make plans for future flood and hurricane protection.”

Enabled by the internet, social media and technological developments, “the people formerly known as the audience” are now empowered to produce their own content creating a ‘collective intelligence’ of knowledge, experiences, thoughts and opinions. This challenges the traditional role of the ‘Journalist’ in society and gives way to ‘Produsage’.

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Many individuals believe that the rise of ‘Citizen Journalism’ will lead to the death of ‘traditional’ Journalism as a profession. However I believe that this role will be REDEFINED, as ‘professionals’ collaborate with ‘ordinary’ citizens through various mediums.

What do you think reader??

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