What do you believe?

Hello readers!

Every day households receive daily newspapers such as The Sydney Morning Herald or The Daily Telegraph, which consist of headlines intriguing those to read about the most current issues around the world. This week I questioned people of different age groups about where they prefer to gather (hear/read) their information from the media – the older generation are definitely fans of watching the news on Channel 7, 9 or 10, and A Current Affair (Channel 9) and reading the daily newspapers. On the other hand, teenagers seem to prefer scrolling through Facebook news feeds and clicking on the links provided.

Personally, Facebook is where I gather the majority of my universal media. As I am constantly scrolling through the popular app, I find it hard to avoid intriguing headlines – The Daily Mail I could sit and read all day!

So, it has been brought to my attention that in our society, there is a concentration of media ownership, only a select few individuals dictate what we the public, are allowed to view. A prime example is the godfather of the media if you will, the Chairman and CEO of the global media holding company, News Corporation Rupert Murdoch.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 6.31.00 pm
Rupert Murdoch

Now fellow reader, I have a question for you, what media sources do you rely on in today’s society? Might it be The Daily Telegraph or The Herald Sun? Maybe even The Australian? Or Fox News?

Well if you did not know already, all these different news sources are owned by Rupert Murdoch. But the question is, why does it matter who controls the media and has ownership over our news sources? I simply think it is because we, the public, rely on our news sources for everything!

Percentile of media ownership within the nation

As the CEO of News Cooperation and with such a big global reach, Murdoch has the power to significantly influence his audience. Within his control, Murdoch has media outlets such as newspapers that ‘make or break’ governments or parties. Media controls are so powerful that the different perspectives that we want to gain from various sources (news channels, articles, etc.) are ultimately the same! They consist of the same pun tag-lines and graphics, over and over again.

Do we trust the media? It is hard when having to determine whether the truth has been manipulated or not. I know I find information hard to believe – there are many obvious fabricated stories that spread across all social media platforms. Facebook, especially, has gained even greater control over the content that gets produced, and now not only has a significant amount of control over who sees specific categories of curated content because of their algorithms, but they are becoming more involved in creating it as well, thus we can’t help but question sources and their reliability. Despite the medias ability to manipulate the truth, we all still seem to rely on the media news. It is just our job to believe what we will.

“The media is manipulated in all manners through professional public relations (PR), and covert and overt government propaganda which disseminates propaganda as news. What are often deemed as credible news sources can often knowingly or unknowingly be pushing political agendas and propaganda.” Global issues 

Until next time,

– Mikaela xx



2 thoughts on “What do you believe?

  1. Great handle on topic Mikaela, your examples and grounded response really helped me reflect on the topic and see from another’s perspective. I like the final quote you included, highlighting the potential use of media as propaganda, interesting point of view and one i can also agree with, keep it up this is dope as.

    – Noah

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  2. Hi Mikaela!
    I really enjoyed reading about your take of media ownership and what to trust when talking about media. I myself also find most of the universal news on the channel 9 or 7 Facebook pages. I find it funny when my parents tell me something about what they heard on the news that i knew about in the morning because i had already seen it on Facebook!
    The way you have summarised and explained this topic in your own words is great! The post was very clear and easy to understand. It was an enjoyable read. Good work!

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