The Art of Digital Craft

Hello reader! Are you well? *assuming you’re nodding enthusiastically*



Now to get started – to be completely honest I came out of Monday’s lecture confused and overwhelmed, worrying about how I would tackle this week’s blog post. The “non-linearity” of the lecture is what I found complex. But the complex nature of the way the lecture was delivered was apparently the point… thanks to our tutor Travis I now understand this concept of non-linearity.

In the lecture, we discussed the craft of digital making. I interpreted this by linking it to our Digital Artefact project – we as BCM112 students, who are studying the ways the Internet works, have the power to create anything we want for our projects, and in general by our heightened understanding of how the Internet works.

giphy (3)

We learnt about the ways different individuals interpret digital making and crafting. BCM112 has brought me more involved with Memes, Gifs, Glitch Art, Vines and SoundCloud podcasts! I am still learning how to generate these. However, there are other people who have been posting online in many of these forms for a long time, to entertain a global audience. For example, Thomas Sanders, (began as a high school YouTuber) is where I first saw Vines! His vines created humour through his everyday life. Check some out here This element of digital craft gained a huge following and branched out to many other social media platforms.

I felt so inspired after learning more about different forms of ‘craft’, and it gave me many ideas for my Digital Artefact Project, progressing through this non-linear way.

Wish me luck as I try to generate some craft! Some of my Glitch Art attempts I will be posting within the next few weeks!

– Mikaela xx







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