The Medium is the Message

Hello readers!

In this week’s lecture, I was introduced to Professor Marshall McLuhan’s aphorism, “The Medium is the message” To say I was confused is an understatement. The MEDIUM is the message? What does it all mean?

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 2.09.13 pm.png

Thanks to Federman’s What is the Meaning of the Medium is the Message? I can now better understand this concept and break it down for you…

McLuhan defines ‘MEDIUM’ as “any extension of ourselves” and ‘MESSAGE’ as a “change in interpersonal dynamics” as a result of new innovations. Federman thereby suggests that the existence of a new message and therefore impact of a new medium is evident through observing changes in society. For example, social networking sites like Twitter; the growing number of users indicates the influence of the medium to share information quickly and efficiently with others.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 4.41.47 pm.png

I would like to link “The Medium is the Message” to ‘memes’ as they are a communicative form that dominate all my social media platforms and are used frequently in #BCM112. ‘Memes’  are enjoyed by our generation – we love to laugh at the typical short phrase supported by a humourous image! Memes are a medium that our society can interpret – the comedy being poked is easy to understand, thus memes resonate with us. This is the emergence of convergence within the media! Maybe the “meme-ium’s” are the message…


One thought on “The Medium is the Message

  1. I really like this! You have explained to me this concept really well and reflects your feeling towards it, which is exactly the same as im feeling (confused). I like that you gave an example to further your point which helps me understand it too.

    I love the memes you have included and i look forward to reading what else you have to post about

    Madi xx

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